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Somil's Bollywood Bonanza continues....


This starlet has always exuded charm and confidence, and had acquired a huge fan following after her spectacular performance in the movies like DDLJ (Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge) , Gupt, KKHH etc and with movies like `Pyar to Hona hi tha and KKHH being major successes in the recent past, her career graph had been scoring new heights. However, after her marriage to long time love, Ajay Devgan, Kajol appears to be fading away from Bollywood, which is indeed unfortunate!

With her sheer energy and the life that she puts into each performance, this lady is surely a winner, and was the undisputed queen of Bollywood. After all, who doesn't love Kajol? Although she is now married to Ajay Devgun, she has promised to continue acting in movies, and that's something to be happy about, isn't it?

Kajol's pics in the following pages include the ones in the animation below. Make sure you don't miss any of these high resolution images of the most loved lass in Bollywood.

Here it begins- your journey into the ecstacy called Kajol.

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