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The List of The Chosen Ones:

Here's the list of those who qualified in the questionnaire round, and made it to the semi-final round (please note that all names are in random order) :

Abhishek Parwal

Pavitra Raj Dewda

Ojas Nivsarkar

Rohit Tiwari

Trivikram Mattoo

Manan Bakiwala

Dipan Khimasia

Dipendra Singh Parmar

Naeem Qureshi

Amit Jain

Vandana Sharma


Rashmi Pandey

Mansi Yadav

Tanuja Yadav

Rachna Takalkar

Meenal Jain

Mamta Parmar

Meena Mittal

Shishir Danani

Here's what these people had to do on 5th February, 1999. They reached the venue by 6 PM, and contacted Dr Somil Nagpal, the host for the show. They could bring two more persons with them, for whom passes could be collected earlier or otherwise were provided to them at the venue. They were given a briefing about the contest in the board room. Each contestant was called on to the stage one by one, while the remaining remained inside the board room. The contestants were strictly prohibited to discuss their questions, performance etc. with others, though a healthy interaction amongst them was strongly encouraged.

On the stage, they answered questions posed to them by the host, based on their interests and replies. They were also given open time on the stage for half to one minute during which they performed whatever activity they liked, on the stage (right from a speech to playing an instrument-the choice was upto them)

Based on their performance, the contestants were selected for the final round, which was immediately after this round. The final round included a common question for all the finalists and a question by the panel of judges.

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