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Indore's Number One Personality Contest is Back!!!

The legendary team of Sanjay Garg, Pranav Patel and Ajay Patel, which gave Indore its first and till date the best personality contest, was back with the LeoLegends-Satisfaction Personality Contest!! And this time, the show lived up to its promise to be on a much larger scale,  with so many top labels like Adidas, Nike, Levi's, Lee, OCM, Affairs, Indore Computers, Kriti, Cadbury's, Samsonite, Sayaji, TULEC, JAM, Oasis, Cue-bal-cafe and many more sponsoring the show.

The event judged all aspects of your personality, and it promised to be the best thing that happened at the Indore campuses in a long time. With fabulous prizes running into thousands of rupees, and cable TV coverage by IN-cablenet all across Indore, this city is yet to see an event of such a magnitude.

The posters and banners were hugging the walls of all the colleges and fast food joints at Indore, and the craze was really sweeping the city. The entry forms were exhausted at some outlets on day 1 itself - and the print order for the forms had to be doubled.

The event proved to be a clash of the titans, but then they had to be ready for a tete-a-tete with the host for the show, Dr Somil Nagpal , who incidentally was also the winner at the previous version of this contest. At last, the youth in Indore have been given just the sort of creative outlet that they longed for.

Meanwhile, 5th February was truly a day to watch out for, no matter whether you had to beg, borrow or steal for entry to the finale of this event, which unfortunately was strictly by invitation. One way to get an entry though, if you were lucky, was to participate in it and secure a place in the shortlisted candidates. E-mail for more details.

And of course, the best personalities won!!!  

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