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The Winners!!!

Mr. and Miss Personality

The picture above shows the beaming winners of the contest, Shishir Danani and Richa Nagpal. In the backdrop (left to right) are the esteemed judges of the contest, Mr. Anil Mahajan, Mr. Sandeep Manudhane, Mrs Suhasini Pasi, and also Ms. Nidhi Baheti.

Here are the pics and details of the persons who have proven to be complete personalities, and also managed to walk away with fabulous prizes. Our heartiest congratulations to all of them!! Please click on any of the images on this page for their full version.


Finalists in the Male category

The picture shows the finalists in the male category, from left to right: Mr. Amit Jain, Mr. Rohit Tiwari, Mr. Abhishek Parwal, Mr. Shishir Danani and Mr. Manan Bakiwala.

The Winner: Shishir Danani

First Runner Up: Manan Bakiwala

Second Runner Up: Rohit Tiwari


Finalists in the Male category

The picture shows the finalists in the female category, from left to right: Ms. Mansi Yadav, Ms. Richa Nagpal, Ms. Tanuja Yadav, Ms. Meenal Jain and Ms. Vandana Sharma.

The Winner: Richa Nagpal

First Runner up: Vandana Sharma

Second Runner up: Meenal Jain

The team that made this possible

The persons on the stage, from left to right, are Mr. Sanjay Garg, Mr. Shiv Singh Mehta, Mr. Ajay Patel, Mr. Anil Mahajan, Mr. Dileep Chinchalkar, Mrs. Suhasini Pasi, Mr. Sandeep Manudhane, Mrs. Baheti, Ms. Nidhi Baheti, Mr. Ghanshyam Baheti, Mr. Atul Mittal, Dr. Somil Nagpal and Mr. Pranav Patel: hats off for these great people who made this event possible.

The pix of the contest, and the most interesting aspects of the show, are now here, so that those who missed this contest can also see the glorious moments, and those who did attend this event can relive and cherish their memories of the evening.

Felicitating the sponsors

The pic shows the co-ordinator, Mr Ajay Patel, felicitating the main sponsors of the show, Mrs. and Mr. Ghanshyam Baheti of Satisfaction. In the side drop is the programme host, Dr. Somil Nagpal.

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