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Somil's Bollywood Bonanza continues....

Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri, the Femme Fatale, who hails from the city of Magic, Mumbai, the home of Bollywood itself, began her career inconspicuously, but rose to become the undisputed queen of Bollywood in a span of a few years. She first made her presence felt in the hearts of audiences through her scintillating performance in Tezaab, the N. Chandra blockbuster. Then, it was a steady journey to the top, through milestones like Dil, Sailaab, Hum Aapke Hain kaun and many more top-grossers. She, however, broke millions of hearts in November 1999, when she announced that she had married Dr. Nene, an Indian doctor in the US, as per an arranged marriage!

Madhuri has spellbound the movie going audiences for a long time already, and continues to do so even now.

These pages just highlight the spectacular talent that goes by the name of Madhuri.


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