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MGM Medical College Celebrates its Golden Jubilee

The medical school which began in the late 19th century as King Edward Medical School, has come a long way indeed, as it now gears up to celebrate its golden jubilee in 1998 as its rechristened & expanded form of Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College,Indore.

As my Alma Mater, I owe a lot to my medical school, and hence this page is devoted to keeping you abreast with the celebrations at the college. Do keep viewing this site often, to keep in touch .

Fusion-98: The Grand Opening

The week long college festival marked the opening of the year long celebrations.

Cultural, Literary, Athletic and Fine-Arts events were organised by the students.

A special Mr. and Ms. MGM show was held which featured the contestants being grilled about what they wrote in the screening questionnaire, by the organizer and host, Somil Nagpal(Yes, of course, yours truly).The participants had to answer questions like what would they do if their blind date turns out to be ahippopotamus,if their parents discover their true marksheets and attendance records,if they were made the dean for 1 day,the most romantic place in the college etc.About 17 people were selected for the first round based on their replies.

After the grill-drill , the participants were given 2 minutes to perform anything they'd like to do on the stage to entertain the audience,and we had real gems coming up here too. (There's an immense future for these guys n gals as VJ's,Pop singers and Michael Jacksons,if they dont go for the medical line). These performances led to the final selection of 3 finalists each for the categories of the Mr. and the Ms. MGM .They were posed with a final written question ,same for all: What would they like their epitaph to be?

Deepti Sharma won the Ms. MGM title with the answer:"Dashing Dynamic Deadly Deepti",while Amit Jain won the Mr.. MGM title with the answer "Value of life is not by what you have gained in life but what you have given to the world- Here lies Amit"

There's lots more to come in this year at MGM, & also on this site, so do remember to log in here frequently.