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Somil's Bollywood Bonanza continues....

Preity Zinta


The Latest Liril Girl, The Peppy Perk Model, The Pretty Preity- by whatever name you call her, she does reign hearts and mesmerises her fans.

The freshness and charm that she exudes has enabled her to be adjudged the "Most sensational Debut of the Year" in the 1999 Screen Videocon awards. "Dil Se" endeared her to the hearts of the masses, while "Soldier" put her firm stamp on them. She proved her immense acting talent in Sangharsh, the Tanuja Chandra thriller, thus showing her multifaceted ability.

With her great looks, confidence and immense talent, pretty Preity has left her mark on millions of hearts already!!!




Pretty Preity's page has alredy been visited times, since 26th Jan, 1999!!

Bollywood Bonanza

Somil's Bollywood Bonanza