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Sikhs at Indore

On being a Sikh.....

Ever saw a guy with a prominent moustache, a long beard, and a strange headgear-neither a cap, nor a hat, but a turban- and wondered what this was all about......

Ever met a lady with long hair, and wondered why she had never in her life applied a scissor to her hair.....

Ever wondered about the existence of a community that has avowed never to touch any form of tobacco, or other such vices....

Have you ever heard about a group of people who are firm believers in the ideology called Sikhism?

Sikhism is a relatively new belief, and it took its origin as an offshoot of Hinduism- one of the oldest religeons to begin on earth. The purpose was not just to evolve an ideology that embraces the positive aspects of all the religeons, but also to introduce a community that sacrifices itself for its brethern.

It is not possible for me to go into the depths of this ocean of knowledge, nor is this mere mortal in a position to do so, but I will certainly try to introduce this wonderful ideology to you. Thanks for your interest, and do visit often as these pages will be updated frequently.


There can be no precise point which can be taken to be the origin of Sikhism. The first guru of the sikhs, Guru Nanak Dev ji, was considered to be one of the greatest souls to have ever graced Earth.

The above photographic depiction of Guru Nanak Dev ji is based on a great 20th century artist's (Mr. Sobha Singh's) imagination. The Sikhs are against idol-worship, and so no portraits of the Sikh gurus were ever recorded.

The 10th guru of the sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh ji, gave Sikhs their present form, i.e. , the ideology begun by Guru Nanak Dev Ji was given a physical form by Him. He also declared as the 11th Guru of this community, the sacred text, Guru Granth Sahib ji, as he wanted Sikhs to believe only in the true knowledege, and knowledge would henceforth be their Teacher (Guru).

Sikhism today.....

Sikhs can today be found virtually anywhere on the planet, despite the fact that there are only 20 million of them.

One visit to The Golden Temple (depicted at the top of this page) can truly transform a person, as is evident by the large number of foreign nationals who are now devotees of this ideology.


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