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Sikhs at Indore

Sikhism-The Religeon of the Soul

Sikhism- the religeon founded over 500 years ago, enjoys a distinct identity the world over. Sikhs can be found in any corner of the world, and are easily recognised by their outfit comprising of a turban called 'Dastar',their vow to never touch a scissor their hair, and by their strength of personality. Sikhism in Indore- my home town: Indore has a very large Sikh community,and the business circle of the city would always be incomplete without the Sikhs.In their religeous field , too , the Sikhs at Indore make it a point to attend all the Sikh Festivals called 'Gurpurab' or the 'Event of The Master'.The recent celebration of the birth festival of the first Guru of the Sikhs, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, was the talk of the entire state with a 4 Kilometres long procession on the streets of the town, in which almost the entire community was present, singing hymns in praise of the Lord, and cleaning the entire path on which the procession was to go through.

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