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Enters Its Fourth Century!!!!

300 years is never a long span in the 4700 million year old history of the planet Earth, but it seems to be even more significant if you take a look at the youngest religion on Earth- Sikhism, for which the Baisakhi on 14th April, 1999 marked 300 years of its genesis!!

Started 300 years ago, by the holy master of the Sikhs, Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, with the baptisation of the five loved ones or the Panj Pyaras as the first Sikhs, today Sikhism has spread all across the world, holding a unique place of sanctity and spiritualism amongst all religions of the world!!!

The Sikh community at Indore, the city located in the heartland of India, too takes rejoice and heartily celebrates the Khalsa mini-millenium!!! After all, completion of 300 years of the Sikh calendar is at least as important to us, if not more, than the Y2K, isn't it?

There were festivities galore held in Indore for the occasion, all the year round, and this included a multitude of events organised in praise of the Lord!! From hymns to poetry, from floral welcome to verbal expressions, and from community gatherings to citywide processions- they were all there!!! It started, with the program of Maskeenji and the grand rally in which he was escorted to Omkareshwar!! And this website served as an humble effort to bring these festivities to your desktop, through the medium of the internet, crossing all boundaries of distance, faith or belief. Please visit again, as this page will be updated regularly with the activities of the Sikh community at Indore, and will bring to you the events as they happen. Hope to see you back soon!!

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